Takayoshi Sasano

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The former train station Rheydt-Geneicken shines in a new splendour after careful refurbishment and offers artists and audiences a platform to present and enjoy special jewels of the creating and performing arts.

Camac Harps France

The manufacturer of my two harps, based in Mouzeil near Nantes in Brittany. Camac stands for innovation, ready to question existing ones and thus enable progress in the best sense. Results from this: Instruments that weigh about 10 kg less than traditional harps, a pedal mechanism that works in a much more precise way and is more direct in terms of the feeling of playing, to name but two.

Christian Hedwitschak

The Bodhránmaker in Sulzemoos. In my opinion, he can rightly be called a revolutionary, because it brings a traditional instrument, which is hard to beat on a superficial view of simplicity, to a new level of quality and sound.

Stevie Moises

Anyone who says Christian has to say Stevie. These two heads combine a long and successful and extremely fruitful cooperation. The tippers with which I play Bodhran come almost without exception from Stevie’s workshop. What distinguishes both his and Christian’s work: meticulously lived perfectionism in the search for cause and effect. If you take a tipper in your hand, you can usually only confirm that it feels “good”, nice “runs”. Stevie can tell you why and after a short analysis adapt it even better to the respective hand shape and style of play.

Shi Xinggui

One of the most important, if not the most important, teachers I have ever met in my life. In 32nd generation he learned the “old school” in the legendary Shaolin monastery and emigrated to Austria after completing this training to pass on and teach the knowledge and skills. His teaching is characterized by an irresistible cordiality and joie de vivre, which makes it easy for you to concentrate on the essentials.