Takayoshi Sasano

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Flight Simulation

Back in 2006 I worked in a small company in Salzburg. There were real pilots and flight simulation enthusiasts working, so it didn’t take long until I purchased my first simulator, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. I also was introduced to the two big simulation networks, IVAO and VATSIM. Learning how to pilot the smaller default aircrafts already was rewarding and fun, but after a short time I discovered PMDG and ordered my first “big” add on, the 737 including the 800 expansion.

Of course the 747 had to follow, and then they released Flight Simulator X. After spending a lot of time and money flying around in both simulators I took a longer break due to moves and work.

About a year ago things woke up again, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 was released and got me back into flying virtual aircrafts in virtual skies.

I’ll try to post some news, screenshots and progress every now and then.

My crazy project: My Home Cockpit Project