Takayoshi Sasano

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About me

My origins

Since my parents are both musicians (German mother/violoncello, Japanese father/bassoon), it is no surprise I picked up an instrument and started my musical voyage as well.

First and second steps

I got my first lessons at the piano when I was six years old, and three years later I picked up Harp. After several years of regular lessons with Gertrude Endrödy in my hometown Mönchengladbach, I moved to Teresia Rieu in Maastricht. At the age of eleven, I enrolled in her harp class as the youngest young student ever recorded at the Cologne Academy of Music.

Technical finishing

The lessons with Runie Yamahata (SWR Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart) is one of the most valuable experiences I have had, as she targeted an ergonomically perfectly functioning technique from the very beginning, without sticking to a particular method.

The Dutch School, Part 2

With this equipment I was able to study with Prof. Edward Witsenburg at the University Mozarteum Salzburg and enjoy the opportunity to continue working on the Dutch playing technique, which is rightly known for a voluminous tone.

Competitions and experiences

In addition to prizes at international competitions, I look back on concert experience, both in the orchestra and as a soloist and chamber musician, in Europe and Japan. Several master classes with Alice Giles gave me the opportunity not only to get a better impression of the Salzedo playing technique, but also to be able to look at the excellent compositions of Carlos Salzedo from a new point of view.

The instruments

An important thing for me is positive, inspiring communication with instrument makers, in my case Camac Harps France and Christian Hedwitschak. On the pages for the instruments I play (concert harp, lever harp and bodhrán) I describe these friendly relations a little more closely.

My focus

My goal is to combine experiences from different areas that may seem contradictory at first glance and thus give musical meaning to the phrase “the best of different worlds”. As one of the most important teachers, I would like to mentionShi Xing Gui, whith whom I studied Shaolin Kung Fu, Taiji, Qi Gong and Chan meditation for many years.

Takayoshi Sasano