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2021-08-17: Information Alpha

The Big Restart

We’re moving into a new flat! This alone would already be more than exciting, but it’s getting even better. While visiting the flat for the first time we also had a look at the cellar, a small ~10m² room which seems to be dry and perfectly usable for storage.

…or something different. Dry cellar. Just one tiny window, comfortably chill during summer. What if… I somehow would manage to get this room connected to our network and build my gaming rig into that area?

But it’s still getting better.

During our next visit we talked about my ideas and plans, the houseowner immediately asked if we’d prefer using the other, bigger room for activities like that. More than happy we agreed and all the crazy plans started circling in my head…

The facts: they planned to build a sauna into that room but never really completed the task. Therefore the rooms floor and walls are tiled which means everything is pretty much isolated already. Size overall: 4m x 4m. I’ll measure precisely next days and create a first draft to be published here.

I still didn’t mention what I want to do in that cellar. Easy. I want to build my own home cockpit. And these blog posts should keep track of the progress I make through the next years.

Stay tuned for more informations in the next future!

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